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SOLD 01/12/2016

A great bar for boring small cylinder jugs on

Motorcycles Scooters dirt bikes Exc..

Features Air over Hydraulic feed. Infinitly

adjustable feed rates.   

SOLD 04/10/2015
In great condition!!

Features Hydraulic Controlled feed rate

gives Consistant accurate Finish

Cost new: $12,390. Buy here and SAVE!


Sold 12/24/2016

Offered here is a Peterson TCM-25 Seat and Guide Machine. Includes Some tooling.

Call for details.


SOLD 01/05/2015 - Offered here is a Sunnen LBB-1499 Honing machine. Comes with some mandrels KL and SL Mandrels.

Call for Details.

Tobin Arp Tool Grinder / Bit Sharperner. Will include new Diamond lap wheel and Instructions.


Showing: 17 products