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Berco Dy350 Cylinder Honing Machine
Pictures coming soon

Sunnen MBB-1650 Honing Machine

Kwik Way Model 054 Boring Bar Stand a Air Lift

Kwik Way Model FW Portable Boring Bar
Pictures coming Soon

Sunnen LBB-1669 Rod Hone with AG-300 Gauge. This rod hone is in VERY NICE condition. 

Kwik Way Model SVSIID Vakve Grinder. 
Will include new Stones, Diamond Dresser Tip, Belts, and 1 Gallon of Valve Grinder oil.

Dayton 200 HP Motorcycle Dyno. This is an inertia style dyno. This is just the stand. The Software and data box will run about $1600 (available from companies like or ). Very simple to hook up and run. This is what you'll see running for most mobile applications. This one was mounted in a trailer and used at swap meets. 
Free Local Pickup Or Freight at buyers expence.

Kwi Way Model 213 Jet Washer. 230 volt 3 phase
SOLD 02/02/2018
Very Nice / Clean Commercial Floor Model Valve Grinder with original paint.
Runs great and no play in the ways.
Comes with attachments shown in the pictures and a vee rest for the stem grinding side.
Runs on 230 single phase.

Kwik Way 1/2" Drive Torque Wrench

Offered here is the IDL Part Number 901250 Centerless Valve Grinder Cabinet. A nice unit with the proper height for your IDL CG50 or CG80 Valve Grinder. Also would work great for the Sunnen VR7000 or Comec Centerless Valve Grinders. This is shorter than most cabinets to make up for the tall height of the centerless style valve grinders. (contents of the cabinet not included). Prefer local pickup but will ship via freight at buyers expence.


Berco ASV Seat and Guide Machine with tooling pictured. 
220V Single Phase. 
Showing: 31 products