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Valve Refacers

Valve Refacers
Valve Grinders and Valve Refacers
$ 1,320.00

New Valve Grinder 3M9390
$ 2,300.00

The VFR-1000 Motorized Valve Face Reconditioner by Neway gives you precise valve face angle with less time, effort, and expense. The VFR-1000 machines the valve face in flawless concentric patterns, providing the proper surface texture for a complete valve seal.
$ 360.00

The “Gizmatic” is Neway’s most efficient tool for refacing valves by hand. The “Gizmatic” features a crank style lever which turns the blades against the stationary valve face. This crank provides the operator with enough leverage to make the job effortless, while a second lever allows the operator to control the feed rate of the blades. The “Gizmatic” features soft jawed V-blocks which hold the valve stem securely in a vise while the cone, either 45° or 30°, automatically centers itself on the valve face. This unique tool offers a unique value in valve refacing.
$ 174.95
$ 234.00

Valve Grinder Chuck Adapter for Grinding Valves with Small Diameter Valve Stems. 
Built in internal back stop for fast valve setup. Fits in chucks that will accept a 1/2 valve stem. Comes complete with collets to accept valve stems ranging from .188" to .256" Diameter (4.76mm - 6.5mm)
Replacement collets available. Call for details.
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