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282/550 & 6305 Parts

282/550 & 6305 Parts
Parts for the Black and Decker 282/550, 6200, 6300, and 6305 Valve Grinders

LH Thread 5/16" 18TPI Valve Facing Stone Retention Screw.
Fits Black & Decker 282/550, 6300, and 6305 Valve Grinders.

Used Pulley Assembly

This is a used Hand wheel / Adjusting Screw that is on the Back of the Chuck assembly. It is whats used to tighten the chuck in the collet to clamp the valve.  

Used Pulley Cover Set for the Belt in back of the Chuck assembly

Used Armature for the Valve Chuck Assembly. 

Used Stop Rod. 

Kit includes:
1 Gallon Valve Grinder Oil...........VRO-1
1 Valve Face Grinder Stone........K877
1 Stem Grinder Stone.................K674
1 Valve Chuck Drive Belt ............37366
1 Main Motor Drive Belt..............34135
1 New Diamond Dresser Tip.......K1

New Stone Dressing Fixture for Black and Decker 282/550 & 6305 Valve grinders.

New Belt for the Chuck on a Black and Decker 282/550 and 6305 Valve Grinders. You will also receive Illustrated step by step Instructions on how to install the belt. Please email if you have any questions or concerns or need to kow if this will fit your machine.

Nylon Replacement Intermediate gear for the Valve Chuck Gear Box on a Black and Decker Model 6305 Valve Grinder

Bearing Set for the Black & Decker 282/550 and 6305 Valve Grinder

This Bearing Set is for the shaft that the stones mount on.

OEM Part Number: 36258


Offered here is a New Belt for the Main Motor on a Black & Decker 282/550 & 6305 Valve Grinders
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