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Misc: Boring Bar Parts

Misc: Boring Bar Parts
Universal and Misc. Boring Bar Replacement Parts
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Universal portable boring bar anchor assembly. This anchor kit is used to mount a portable boring bar to the cylinder block when boring cylinders. It will work with most portable boring bars like Kwik Way, Van Norman, Rottler, Lempco, Storm Vulcan and more. 

Premium Negative Rake Carbide Boring Bar Bit.
Used on the Cylinder Boring Tool Holders.
3 useable edges on each side. 

Premium Carbide Positive Rake Bit for tooling that uses a positive rake cutter tip.
Used on Blind Hole and some Cylinder Boring Tool Holders.

Hold Down Bolt for Portable Boring Bar
Threads are 9/16 x 12tpi. 
other thread sizes available. 
Showing: 4 products