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Sioux Repair Parts

Sioux Repair Parts
Sioux Repair Parts
Repair parts for Sioux Valve Grinders, Valve seat grinders, Tumblers, Exc....

Valve Grinder Chuck Adapter for Grinding Valves with Small Diameter Valve Stems. 
Built in internal back stop for fast valve setup. Fits in chucks that will accept a 1/2 valve stem. Comes complete with collets to accept valve stems ranging from .188" to .256" Diameter (4.76mm - 6.5mm)
Replacement collets available. Call for details.

Offered here is a New Chuck Release Lever for a Sioux Model 680 Valve Grinder. The Sioux Part Number is 54319. The knob is not included. The new one is pictured next to an original as a reference. The new one without the red knob is the one you'll receive. These levers tend to get loose where they thread into the chuck and eventually can damage the threads in the chuck.

New Chuck Roller Set for Sioux valve grinders.

fits the following models: 620 / 622 / 624 / 645 / 680 / 2001 / 2075


Industrial Grade Pump Designed for use with all popular liquids and coolants.Great pump for small  parts washers and valve grinders.

170 GPH @ 1 Foot Head


Sioux Belt # 14400

Sioux Belt Set # 14400-2
Belt Set for Sioux 645 Serial Number 0-34999


Sioux Belt # 14401

Replacement belt for Sioux 622 stone drive with twin belts (2 required)
Also replacement belt for Sioux 622 Oil Pump Drive Belt

Sioux Belt Set (2 Belts) # 14405
Fits Sioux 622 Valve Grinder with Twin Drive Belt that Run the Stone

Sioux Vee Belt # 14406 (Old Sioux Number: 151)

for Sioux 620 Valve Grinders

Replacement Chuck Belt

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