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Grinding Stones

Grinding Stones
Grinding Stone Wheels and Stone Segments for Surface Grinders
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65mm x 100mm x 25mm

For use on:

Winona Van Norman SM2000, SM4000, SM5000, SM6000C, SM6000A, and MG4000

Berco and Peterson RSC950, RSC1200 (14"), RSC1550, SPC-361, SPY-360, RSC1550, RPYS1500, 1000, 1300, 1055 AWL

Storm Vulcan RT-7 and RT17Y (16") 


65mm x 100mm x 20mm

For use on:

Kwik Way Models: 858 & 862


79mm x 79mm x 21mm 

For use on:

Peterson RG-32

Storm Vulcan RT-7 Early up to SN103151, RT17Y Early up to SN 128696


50mm x 90mm x 16mm

For use on:

Peterson RG-35, 300, 900P, RP1200


Surfacer Wheels for Van Norman Surface Grinders


Surfacer Wheels for Kwik Way and Lepmco Surface Grinders


Surfacer Wheels for Peterson Surface Grinders

Showing: 7 products