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Valve Refacers

Valve Refacers
Valve Grinders and Valve Refacers

The VFR-1000 Motorized Valve Face Reconditioner by Neway gives you precise valve face angle with less time, effort, and expense. The VFR-1000 machines the valve face in flawless concentric patterns, providing the proper surface texture for a complete valve seal.

The “Gizmatic” is Neway’s most efficient tool for refacing valves by hand. The “Gizmatic” features a crank style lever which turns the blades against the stationary valve face. This crank provides the operator with enough leverage to make the job effortless, while a second lever allows the operator to control the feed rate of the blades. The “Gizmatic” features soft jawed V-blocks which hold the valve stem securely in a vise while the cone, either 45° or 30°, automatically centers itself on the valve face. This unique tool offers a unique value in valve refacing.

Valve Grinder Chuck Adapter for Grinding Valves with Small Diameter Valve Stems. 
Built in internal back stop for fast valve setup. Fits in chucks that will accept a 1/2 valve stem. Comes complete with collets to accept valve stems ranging from .188" to .256" Diameter (4.76mm - 6.5mm)
Replacement collets available. Call for details.
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