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Bronze Guide Liner Tools

.030 Wall Bronze Guide Liner Kits and Tooling

Everything for installing and Sizing Thin Wall Guide Liners.

Kline, Bronze Bullet, Rapid

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• Carbide reamer included with each kit

• Bores guide hole in seconds

• Sleeve installation is fast and simple using the auto-driver tool

• Two Bullit-Balls® size the inside diameter of the guide sleeve

• Trimming tool cuts guide sleeve to correct length

• Flexhone included for final finish

• Ball Pusher tool to drive sizing devices

• Optional self-centering seat bushings are also available.


Guide liner Alignment Bushing for use with guide liner kits.

Tungsten Carbie Bullet Balls with extensions for Quick, Accurate, and Precision guide liner sizing.

Box of 100

Self-lubricating guide sleeves feature hundreds of indentations formed throughout the inside surface to provide greater lubricant retention over a wider surface area than any other system.

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Carbide Boring Reamers for installing .030" wall Bronze Valve Guide Liners

Bullit Ball Pusher used to drive sizing bullits through the bronze guide liners.

Automatic installation driver for bronze guide liners.

Sleeve removal tool for .030" Bronze Guide Liners.

Use this versatile tool for trimming Bronze-Liners, as well as thinwall cast. Use freehand with low rpm drill motor. Pilots have 3/16" diameter shanks. Pilots sold separately.

Showing: 9 products