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Valve Guide Hones

Valve Guide Hones
Hones for resizing and finishing valve guides.

Flex Hones for finishing and adjustable hones for sizing.

Sunnen, Regis, Goodson

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Fast way to enlarge bore slightly to create proper clearance. Use with a portable drill. Silicon-Carbide Flexhones work with all materials including cast iron, bronze, Bron-

El, phosphor-bronze and silicon-aluminum- bronze.


P-190 Valve Guide Hone Set

Convenient set includes tooling and abrasives for the most popular

valve guide diameters for automotive cylinder heads. See chart and

information below for a complete listing of available tooling and

items included in P-190 set. A slow speed drill (approximately 200

rpm) is recommended for driving power.

Showing: 2 products